Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Silk Creek Review Portal

This blog is a portal to the Silk Creek Review, which is an online Zine of Arts and Letters. In this Zine you can post your thoughts about Silk Creek and your nature poetry, short prose and photos. We will do the same. You can also enter, through the LINKS, the various incarnations of the Silk Creek Review. Please do not post anything inappropriate, or we will remove it.

Here is a link to the first, editor version of Silk Creek Review. This is our personal experimental version to learn about websites. http://home.earthlink.net/~silkcreek/index.html

Here is our second attempt to make a version of Silk Creek Review. This one turned out to be too small for our needs: http://www.silkcreek.zoomshare.com/1.html. However, we may use it as an extension of the Zine.

The new Zine, the final one, is not on-line yet. Actually, it is on-line but not ready to go public yet. We will include a link for it when we are ready to "go live." We are new at this, so please be patient. We hope to go live in or before August 2005.

We are currently accepting submissions of: prose, poetry, art, photography and any other on-line displayable art or media that fits within our guidelines. To read the guidelines and/or submit, please follow this link: http://home.earthlink.net/~silkcreek/id1.html

We want Silk Creek to be interactive with our readers. Feel free to post your comments and appropriate work here (read the guidelines first to see what's appropriate) and/or submit it to the Zine. Nothing published to the blog is for the Zine. THIS SITE is NOT a vehicle for submission. Submission still has to be made through the normal channels (see links above). This blog is intended for CONVERSATION, pictures and posting. For previously published poems that relate to silk creek. This blog does not necessarily represent the QUALITY of the Zine or the opinions of the editors. We will delete inappropriate posts.

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