Thursday, July 02, 2009


I was given another opportunity to photograph a seal!!
Today after getting my cell phone (Radio Shack cheap prepaid thing, I'll see how it works), I went to a beach I'd never been to before. It's probably the closest beach to my house "as the crow flies," but it's way out of the way to drive, the roads require backtracking. But you start kinda near the Radio Shack.
Anyway, there was a seal on the beach and I was able to get closer and closer and took about 10 pictures!! The first picture I sent was not zoomed at all on the computer, tho the other two were a little. That shows how close I was able to get.
I love how he looks a little nervous about the water.  Leaf Lady (Gail)


Bears have been sighted in my mobile home park, mainly by the manager, Rick, who lives in a regular house at the back of the park, at the edge of the woods. He said he's seen 3 different ones. I asked if he'd been able to take any pictures. I was surprised when he knocked on the door yesterday to give me these, which I scanned into the computer. 
I haven't seen any bears myself, though one morning in May I suspected they'd been there. Normally they'd find nothing of interest in my yard, since I don't cook meat for myself and virtually never throw out food, but I'd recently fixed a company meal and had a little pkg of chicken fat, which I'd put in the ash pail with a tight lid. I may not have put the lid on as tightly as I should have. It was pried open and dragged across the yard. My heavy compost pail was also tipped and dragged a short distance, but the vandal didn't seem to have found anything of interest in it. Maybe a racoon could do this, but I doubt it.
Rick also gave me the pic of the baby skunks, which are cute as long as they're in HIS yard. Earlier this spring we often smelled them. I understand the asst. mgr. has been trapping a lot of them since. 

Leaf Lady (gail)


I think this flower, which grows right on the rock, is a stonecrop (according to a picture in a book). Isn't it interesting?
The light had been real bright on them, so I tried to add some shadows with Picasa, which helped a little.
When I got done taking these pics, I put my camera back in the little zipper bag and came around a big rock to the beach. Was that a dachshund on the beach, I wondered, puzzled for a second.
NO! It was a little brown seal making its way to the water!
Of course, by the time I got the camera out and turned on, it had disappeared into the foam in the surf. But at least I got to see it!

Leaf Lady (Gail)

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