Thursday, July 02, 2009


Bears have been sighted in my mobile home park, mainly by the manager, Rick, who lives in a regular house at the back of the park, at the edge of the woods. He said he's seen 3 different ones. I asked if he'd been able to take any pictures. I was surprised when he knocked on the door yesterday to give me these, which I scanned into the computer. 
I haven't seen any bears myself, though one morning in May I suspected they'd been there. Normally they'd find nothing of interest in my yard, since I don't cook meat for myself and virtually never throw out food, but I'd recently fixed a company meal and had a little pkg of chicken fat, which I'd put in the ash pail with a tight lid. I may not have put the lid on as tightly as I should have. It was pried open and dragged across the yard. My heavy compost pail was also tipped and dragged a short distance, but the vandal didn't seem to have found anything of interest in it. Maybe a racoon could do this, but I doubt it.
Rick also gave me the pic of the baby skunks, which are cute as long as they're in HIS yard. Earlier this spring we often smelled them. I understand the asst. mgr. has been trapping a lot of them since. 

Leaf Lady (gail)

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