Monday, September 26, 2005

Silk Creek Retreat '05 and '06

Scott and I both had personal reasons for not being able to host a fully public Silk Creek Retreat this year. So we had a private one. The few individuals who were invited were unable to come, e.g.: jo(e), who went to the Monastery instead.

We hope next year to be able to host a public event, and we invite your feedback as to:

  1. venue (location)
  2. agenda
  3. food
Silk Creek Retreat is in its eighth year and has always been hosted at Silk Creek, but various problems exist in continuing to do that, so we will probably have to seek a new venue. Silk Creek is a wild area, and the Silk Creek Retreat emphasizes nature writing and writing in nature. (Also other arts and photography--we invite artists, photographers and others to join the dialogue). Any venue suggested or chosen will have to meet the criteria of being in nature and having access to the wilds.

Do suggest other things we might consider when planning this event.

We have always camped and would like to be able to have that as an option, but we realize there are people who may not want to camp or may not, for health or other reasons, be able to camp.

We will be posting photos and writing samples from this year's private retreat and invite you to do likewise. If you want to join this blog, leave your email address or contact me for an invite.

Mary Stebbins, poetry editor for Silk Creek Review and retreat co-coordinator

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