Sunday, December 09, 2007

Not Much of a Fall This Year

So I photographed flowers instead.

These are the last of my pictures taken before my camera broke, again :[. It broke Thanksgiving, right before my drive west to the Texas Hill Country. I was so disappointed. I was really looking forward to photographing the fall color.

There wasn't much color to see, though. The trees that still had leaves on them, had brown leaves. No oranges, yellows, or reds. It's sad. I heard on the news that it was like that for most of the country. While driving, I thought about how when we are ill, we lose color in our complexion, and when were under extreme stress, our hair turns gray. I wondered if the same was true for this place where we live. Is this a sign that the earth is ill?

Like an auto-immune disorder, Earth's weather patterns seem to be on a path of self destruction. There seems to be a parallel between the way we pollute our environment and the way we pollute our own bodies. Saccharine, aspartame, acetaminophen, and MSG runs through our veins, like pesticides and heavy metals run through our rivers, lakes, and oceans. Toxic waste sites permeate through the layers of earth, like malignant tumors that contaminate our insides. Crime, violence, and hatred have affected every community, along with our planet's violent reaction to global warming. There's a profound connection between us and this place we call home. The sicker we get, the sicker our planet gets, and vice versa.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Lovely pictures!

I love the fall one, even though it is not as colorful as you'd like.

And the flowers are great!

I hope you get your camera fixed soon!

And I 100% agree with you about the parallel between polluting our bodies and the earth! If only we could do MORE to help!

sailor90278 said...

I love you spider on the flower picture. How can you capture such a rare moment without a little bit of glue. :)

I also agree with your parallel between us polluting our bodies and the earth but more forgiving. I believe that like our bodies the earth can take take much abuse and neglect. Years of smoking and drinking with our bodies can be reversed with a change in attitude. So can be our ways with the environment WHEN WE DO change within the next ten years. Thank goodness someone out there puts up with our invincible thinking till we age and get wiser.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks for visiting, I will forward your comment to Lori.

bluerose9062 said...

Thanks Mary, and thanks Sailor! You're right, Sailor, about our body's amazing abilities to recover from abuse. With my work for the last five years, I've watched people change their health and their lives. I'm sure we could do the same for the planet if we could all work together at it.

And the spider... I think he was hoping I didn't notice him :]

Mary, camera's fixed! Yeaaaaa!!! I'm so lost without it.

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