Thursday, April 16, 2009

spring flowers

I took these pics walking around the expensive subdivision on the top of Hewitt Road today. The orange ones are Calif. poppies but I don't know what the others are, and they are really interesting.
I'm walking up there a lot, cuz I hope the climb up the steep hill will get me in better condition. Laure and Nancy were giving me a hard time about getting winded during a fast folk dance a few weeks ago. Realized I no longer live in a 2-story house or climb 2 flights of stairs several times a day at work.

LeafLady (Gail)


bluerose said...

Those purple flowers are really amazing!

It's always amazing to me how long it takes to get in shape, and how fast we lose it ;]

Tara's Talk said...

Beautiful flowers!! :) Sorry I have been MIA. . but trying to get back!:)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thank you both on behalf of Gail, I will forward her your kind comments. Mary

---Michael--- said...

Speaking of MIA's... I guess that's me, too. I have had a few brief periods of success but each time it's been followed by rather discouraging, crushing counter-attacks. All to keep me humble, no doubt! But I don't WANT to be humble, it's HARD to be humble, as the song goes. "BUT I'M DOING THE BEST THAT I CAN..." (do wah)

Lovely flowers every time I visit this site, but doggone it, ya'll come visit E in P, too, ok? and Nerd Shots...

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