Friday, May 01, 2009

Raccoon Story

One morning last week I got up and saw a raccoon in the nighbor's
garage window--the neighbor had recently moved away and no one else
has moved in--the house is for sale. I thought the raccoon was just
hanging out--maybe it had a nest in there or something--but it was
there for hours and I finally realized it was caught! It had been
climbing up the garage door and it had closed, pinching its finger in
the door! When Keith got home, we went over with a couple
screwdrivers and wedged open the crack and pulled out the damaged paw.
The raccoon sat there a long time--a very long time. It had chewed
and chewed on the door trying to free its paw and may have damaged its
teeth. Eventually it got down and went away--I HOPE IT SURVIVED(S)!!
One of the neighbors was threatening to call animal control, so we are
glad it left when it did. Poor thing!


---Michael--- said...

I really believe that raccoons and cats and a host of other creatures have a lot of intellectual connections with us humans. Someday when we are all in the Thousand Year Reign I am certain we all three, cats and 'coons and crazy humans too will communicate and coexist as closely as you can imagine. I am so glad when I'm able to have a foretaste of that beautifully ordered Earth. Thank you, Mary for being so alert and helpful and compassionate. You are blessed for it, I know!

Tara's Talk said...

awww!! What a beautiful baby!! I am so glad that you choose to help "him" instead of having the animal control come out!! I hope "he" is ok too! I am sure he is - THANKS to you & your husband!! GOOD JOB!!!:)))))

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