Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Patrick's Point

Went to Patrick's Point (state park) today. Here are 3 of the many pics I took. Note the seals in 4970.
This time I started at "Palmer's Point," one of the southern-most points on the Rim Trail, and went north along the trail to Wedding Rock. (Previous visits I've started at Wedding Rock and gone north to Agate Beach, where I've looked for agates and enjoyed being on the beach.) It was only a mile but seemed longer cuz I kept stopping and going down side trails to look and take pics. 
This is definitely a place to take you and Keith when you come. A lovely trail with tons of scenic overlooks.
When I got to Wedding Rock I turned around and went back and DROVE to Agate Beach, so I didn't have to have the 2-mile walk back at the end. Plus I've heard cars can get broken into at Palmer's Point cuz it is pretty isolated.
At the beach I found a lot of LITTLE agates, size of teeth (baby teeth to molars). Only found 3 of any size at all, and those not very big (but bigger than teeth!). But it was very warm and sunny and I was down to one layer!! Hooray!! I think that area is more secluded from the wind or something. It is always warmer there than other places. Now that I have some free passes, I should go there more often.  Leaf Lady (Gail)
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