Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Blog vs. Review

There has been some concern among the readers about the difference between Silk Creek Review and Silk Creek Portal. The Review is a "serious" literary "Journal" and the bog is, well, a blog. A web log where editors and readers can write their thoughts and comments about nature and nature-related subjects, Silk Creek Review as a Zine, and about writing, poetry, prose, photography and so on. It's a dialogue. Or would be, if you'd send stuff or comment. You can also post new or previously published poems, nonfiction pieces about nature, book reviews, nature-related fiction, and so on. Did I answer well enough yet? If not, please rearticulate your questions. Mary

PS: This is NOT "my" blog. It is for ALL of us. I have my own blog(s)!

PPS: please do NOT make me beg. I hate all that groveling. Write away.

1 comment:

Mick said...

Hi All,
How about a map of the area where Silk Creek is located? It sounds like a fictional place a little bit but the photo-documentation belies that assumption. By the way, I love the blog and the images recently posted...I'll follow along soon with something.

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