Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Solitude and Loneliness

Solitude is essential to the soul, perhaps even more deeply to the soul of the writer and artist. Solitude is healing. Nature is one of my favorite places to seek solitude, for in nature is not only the healing of solitude itself, but the healing of a silence imbued with birdsong and wind. Silk Creek is a breathtaking spot to seek solitude with its deep gorge and isolated woodlands. I not only look forward to the annual Silk Creek Retreat, but also to my own mini retreats and walks there.

Solitude can be a balm for loneliness, like singing the blues. I rarely feel as lonely in the woods as I do in the company of people. Especially strangers. Bridging that gap is difficult for me.

My solitude is a more contented and relaxed solitude now than it has been for years because I know I have love waiting for me when I return.


14 June 05

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