Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Carrizo Plane

Photo by David Pierce

We did a short road trip to the Carrizo Plane National Monument
yesterday to see wildflowers. Not many wildflowers until after dark.
But it was nice anyways.

I did this image with both a circular polarizing filter and haze
filter stacked to adjust for a very hazy day. Can't hardly tell it
was hazy in the picture. The Temblor Range in the background with the
Panorama Hills more near look just enough hazy to give them some
scale. The double ridge rising from the Carrizo Plane in the
foreground of the Panorama Hills is the trace of the San Andreas Fault
like they always show in textbooks and stuff. This is the break where
California is falling off the continent for its lack of morality.
That's Julie with her new Casio camera. My camera is the Nikon
Coolpix 8800 which looks like an SLR and isn't. 43mm equiv, f/3.1,
1/125. Color adjusted for ambient conditions on a calibrated
photographic white card. That's really what it looked like if you
remove the haze.



Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

This is wonderful and amazing Dave, particularly when you click on it to make it big! Mary :-D

---Michael--- said...

The technical aspects of achieving excellent results in not-so-excellent conditions is quite interesting!

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