Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Project Budburst

I have just joined Project Budbust, A National Phenology Field Campaign for Citizen Scientists after reading about it over at Lake Loop. I've been keeping phenological data for over 40 years, so was thrilled to see this. I have only signed up for the dandelion and the lilac so far, but intend to sign up for more locations and more flowers, hopefully. Phenology is the study of when natural events occur such as flowering and fruiting times, egg laying, births, hibernation etc. Project Budbust concentrates on easily identifiable plants.

You can join! Please do--let us know if you decide to participate!

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---Michael--- said...

Mary, I'm too housebound by problems physical and otherwise to join this quest, but it reminds me very much of Thomas Jefferson's record-keeping on his farm at Monticello... he was quite observant both there and everywhere else he travelled, and was a fanatic for record-keeping... I think he believed that if you watched long enough and carefully enough you could figure nature out and predict nearly anything you wished!

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