Saturday, April 26, 2008

blue lake

I went to the little town of Blue Lake for a couple hours, only about 6 miles from my house, but inland and not the direction I usually go. It's like a little mountain town, very charming (to me anyway). I don't think there actually is or ever was a lake. I'm sending these pics just to give you an impression what I saw on the path along the river.
Best of all, it was warm enough to leave my coat in the car! And when I walked along the river, I actually (are you sitting down??) TOOK OFF MY SWEATSHIRT!! Which meant I had only two layers of clothes on! Maybe I WILL be warm again.

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bluerose9062 said...

We've been having 70-80 degree weather for a couple of months now. In another month, though, it will start to become unbearably hot. That's when all the snow birds will go home for the summer.

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