Friday, April 04, 2008

Lynda's Garden the Second Trip

For the story behind this garden, click here. This time, the weeds were blooming. I almost hated to dig them up.

Lynda planted 3 beds with vegetables and herbs, while I fought with the garden tiller to clear 2 more. We have 4 more beds left to clear. We were both so tired and sore after this episode. By the time I got home, I was covered with bruises and poison ivy. Makes me wonder why I love gardening so much. It's going to be ok though, Lynda planted okra just for me. Yea!

We had to transfer these two to a new home.

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Nice and important work, cute toads! Very nice! Good work! I love to hear of loving things.

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