Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I call these "Wavebreak" and "Before Wavebreak." "Wavebreak" is now one of my favorites of all my outdoor pics.
I think it's impossible to get anything but a good picture at Dry Lagoon.
I was there again cuz the paper re-hid the Easter Egg, which disappeared from its first hiding place but was never claimed. Incidentally, I was told by someone at the paper that it was NOT at the bridge I photographed. They picked up the clues mid-stream, leaving the early ones that took you to Stone Lagoon, but changing #6, which referred to needing hiking boots, to "hiking boots will not be needed." For some reason I thought I'd be able to find a hiding place that fit the other clues but which was near the parking lot but I couldn't. I also looked at the old Stone Lagoon visitor center, now closed, and the Stone Lagoon Schoolhouse -- poked around a few places but no luck. Even drove a few miles down the road to the little town of Orick to see if anything was called Stone Lagoon something, but nothing was.
Eventually I went to Dry Lagoon, since the tide was going out, and enjoyed the scenery and tried a little to find some agates. I only found 3 smallish ones and one itty bitty. I don't have a good eye for them but enjoy looking. But it was quite cold and very windy so only stayed there about 90 min.
Today the paper just ran clue #6 again. Weird! But I don't intend to go looking again. Gas is just too expensive. It's been $3.79 the last couple weeks. Leaflady (Gail)


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Great stop-action shot, Leaf Lady! WOW! I love it. What a beautiful place!!! Mary

bluerose9062 said...

I love catching the waves when they break, too!

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